Coming soon is the ALL NEW Reference 70 preamplifier/processor/tuner! The Reference 70 is easy to use,
 great sounding and delivers crystal clear high definition video to your home theater. Simple to set-up and
easy to use, the Reference 70 provides a level of sophistication and ease of use that is unparalleled in the

New features include:
    * 14 discreet Audio & Video Inputs including 6 HDMI Inputs
    * Hi-performance True Video upconverting and scaling of Component, Composite and S-Video to 1080P
    * 16 Digital Inputs (8 optical / 8 coaxial) including digital audio on all 6 HDMI inputs
    * B&K's New GUI On-Screen Interface with Overlays up to 1080P via HDMI
    * Built in FM/AM Tuner with Simple Tuner Preset Stations
    * Ethernet port (RJ-45) for IP Command and Control
    * Full 2-Way RS-232
    * Built-In 14 Source Discreet IR Routing
    * Up to 7.1 Analog Inputs for SACD / DVD Audio / Dolby True HD / DTS Master
    * 7.1 Balanced (XLR) Outputs for High Quality amplifier connections
    * New Smart Sync Programmable Audio & Video Preferences by B&K
    * Made in the U.S.A

The Reference 70 uses Silicon Optix's Reon Video Processor to set a new standard for video excellence,
we call it Hollywood Quality Video, or HQV. The Reference 70 also sets new standards of audio performance
 using Freescale's audio processors. Combine the Reference 70 with a matching B&K amplifier and the
experience is simply awesome.

For more information and product features please see the

Reference 70 Quick Guide New!

Reference 70 Cutsheet

New! Screen shots of B&K's Reference 70 GUI On-Screen Overlay Interface

Screen Shot 1                   Screen Shot 2